The Ride Report That’s Not A Ride Report (Part 5)

Final section…here we go!

Texans rejoice!

I crossed in to Texas for a few miles, and then cut back up to Texhoma, Oklahoma to meet the seller in person, and check out the Wee. John W. was such a super nice guy! In keeping with typical southern hospitality, he and his family fed me lunch and we enjoyed almost an hour of chit chat about our families, life in general, etc. It was great! After that we formalized the paperwork, and got the bike loaded up.

Storm clouds were starting to build, and the heat (and humidity) were unbelievable…time to head back home!

I’ve never trailered a bike before, which was obvious when, after pulling out on to the main highway and gunning the engine for speed, I look in the rear view mirror and see a guy RIGHT on my tail. I literally yelled out loud, “Are you CRAZY?!” Yeah well….after realizing that was MY bike…….

Getting closer

Check out the name of this trailer store

In some small towns out here, the train track still rules traffic!

I saw enormous amounts of corn (and other crops)…

Lots of lonely roads…

And right before I turned on to my final stretch home, I saw this. It summarizes how I felt about the entire day – thankful for this journey; thankful for good weather; thankful to have seen several neat sites along the way; thankful for a great seller who proved that there are still amazing people out there who go out of their way to help you; thankful to have a motorcycle again; and thankful to God for a safe, long day of fun.

Hopefully…this is just the beginning of many more adventures with my bike!


2 thoughts on “The Ride Report That’s Not A Ride Report (Part 5)

  1. Ry Austin says:

    I enjoyed your not-a-ride-report ride reports, and I look forward to reading about your moto-adventures.

    Your yelling at your own bike in the rearview was darn funny. I can totally relate, have done such things many times and have laughed about them later.

    Best wishes with the new-to-you ride.


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