The Big Red Barn

One of my routes to work takes me past a big, red, barn.


Not just any big, red, barn though.




















The Big Red Barn.


It turned 100 years old this past summer and legend has it that John Wayne even hosted a birthday party here many years ago!

Whether that’s true or not I’m not sure, but seeing this beautifully restored barn in varying types of light sure is a treat, and makes my commute just a little bit nicer too.


The MotoVentures YouTube Channel Is Live!

I’m sorry for not posting in a while…last week I went on an epic journey, motorcycling around Colorado with my friend! I have lots of amazing images to share from those days, but it’s going to take me a little longer to sort through my images and share the stories. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I have uploaded multiple videos to my MotoVentures YouTube Channel! These videos were taken on my original V-Strom, but I moved them to my new channel so that I could combine all videos from here on out.

Feel free to check them out and subscribe to my channel…many more videos are in the works!

MotoVentures YouTube Channel


Ride Report – Loop Around Pikes Peak

On Saturday, October 3rd, I had the neat opportunity to join two other riders for a trip around Pikes Peak! Initially, we weren’t even sure if we were going to ride. The weather had socked in with a heavy, damp, fog mixed with rain in some spots.

Suddenly, I got a break in the fog! With my wife’s blessing and encouragement, I decided to make a run for it and ride to the designated meeting area.

10 minutes later, I was in the middle of dense fog with about 15 feet of visibility! I have some fears about riding, or even driving, in fog. What should I do? Pull over? No, that wouldn’t be safe. Go slower? Maybe, but that might put me at risk to get rear ended on the busy state highway. Then I calmed down and made a choice…

Ride on!

The fog had to lift sooner or later, and I was not in imminent danger, so I should just keep on keeping on! And so I did. I arrived at the meeting spot a little late, but happy that I had tackled a fear and pushed through.


Stallion was ready to go!


Jeff made a friend while we waited for Philip

Only one other rider joined us, and I’m happy to say that he was also on a V-Strom! It was fun to have another Strom Trooper along for a ride.


The three of us left Colorado Springs and headed south to Canon City. By the time we pulled in there the fog had lifted and the sun started to shine through a beautiful blue sky! It turned out to be a gorgeous trip, and all three of us said we were glad we chose to ride. skies!

Finally…blue skies!

He has his brother's eyes...

He has his brother’s eyes…

We set our sights for the mountains!

We set our sights for the mountains!

Something new for me on this ride was using a Sena communicator. A good friend bought me one as a gift saying that it was a “game changer” for riding with others. I have to say, he was absolutely right! For part of the ride I was on intercom talking to Jeff and Philip, part of the ride I listened to music, and part of the ride I just enjoyed silence. It was nice to have the variety!

Jeff tries to link us together..."Can You Hear Me Now?!"

Jeff tries to link us together…”Can You Hear Me Now?!”

After leaving Canon City we headed up Colorado 9 until we got to County Road 11 (High Park Road) and headed north. This road is absolutely stunning! There is so many sweeping vistas and beautiful views that it is hard not to stop every other mile and take pictures!


Look closely and you’ll see a beautiful ranch home!


I wanted to take some of those dirt roads!


I love all of the open land!

Jeff turned around to wait for me while I took pictures, but I also got this cool image of him on his beautiful R1200RT!



And now Jeff is ready to get back on the road!

With pictures taken, our next quick stretch break (while remaining on the bikes) was at the intersection by Evergreen Station…

I think Philip was looking for food by now...

I think Philip was looking for food by now…

"I think I can see my house from here!"

“I think I can see my house from here!”

We pulled in to Divide about 30 minutes later and could barely see some color on the mountain


But we weren’t in Divide for color…we were there for FOOD!

Feed me...I'm Irish!

Feed me…I’m Irish!

Inside of McGinty’s, a cozy atmosphere with tasty food awaited us. I thoroughly enjoyed the shaved beef sandwich with Guinness-Cheddar soup!

All of their meat is slow roasted in this wood fired oven

All of their meat is slow roasted in this wood fired oven

With full bellies, we added a few pounds to the bike shock absorbers and headed down the mountain back to Colorado Springs…

They need to un-trailer those bikes and ride them!

They need to untrailer those bikes and ride them!

Pulling into Manitou Springs, we made one last stop together at Starbucks.

Look closely - notice anything strange?!

Look closely – notice anything strange?!

After some more conversation outside on the patio, we shook hands, and parted ways, thankful that we had seized the opportunity to enjoy such a beautiful fall day.

Our trusty steeds rest from their journey

Our trusty steeds rest from their journey

They all look related!

They all look related!

That’s all I have for now…I hope you enjoyed the ride! Click on the map to check out our route for the day!

Fun facts:

  • 3 = Motorcycles (1 Beemers and 2 Suzuki V-Strom DL650’s!)
  • 3 = People total on the ride
  • 3 = Sena SM-10H Communicators Paired (Mostly) Successfully
  • 203 = Total miles ridden from home and back again
  • 52.4 = MPG I got on Stallion according to the Fuelly app
  • 21 = Pictures from the ride


Ride safe!