Riding Across Colorado – Day 1

Today was the day we had been waiting for. Our plans were now reality, and I couldn’t have been more excited! But first things first…

Day 1 started with a thorough checkup on both bikes. Then, along with the usual T-CLOCS inspections, we got our Sena intercoms paired up, got suited up, and hit the road! We purposely planned to take the first day pretty easy…and with that in mind, we set out for the country.


We made a quick stop at an auto parts store to get a pin for one of Shawn’s foot pegs. It was a beautiful day and with the temperature getting warmer, we got back on the road pretty quickly.

Saturday-01We headed north on rolling hills, passing beautiful farms and ranches that epitomized rural America. Before long, the town of Elbert gave us an opportunity to explore.


Whenever I visit small towns like this, I can’t help but wonder about all of the people who have lived here down through the years. I wonder about the dreams of people longing to build a family farm or ranch; but perhaps some of those dreams were to leave the area in search of something else.

There is a simplistic peace and contentment that I feel in small towns. There are no stop lights, track homes, club houses, HOA’s, or neighborhood strip malls. Instead, I usually find gracious people with manners and hospitality. If only that were the norm instead of the suburban cookie cutter mold that dominates our cities..




Interesting fact: I learned that a meteorite fell near Elbert about 17 years ago. Multiple people reported seeing a large fireball in the sky, but the rock wasn’t found for over 2 years.


After getting a little dirt on our tires, we explored Kiowa and then stopped for gas in Elizabeth. In the middle of filling up, this car motorcycle MotorBug came rolling in and got some attention.


Colorado 86 took us west through Franktown and Castle Rock to where we headed south on Highway 105. This is a great road with beautiful scenery the entire length. Fun history fact – this route was established back in the 1920’s.


We were cruising along at 65mph when we both spotted an awesome road up against the mountain.

“I Wonder where it goes?”

“There’s Only one way to find out!”

And so we did…


It turned out to be Dakan Road Trail which heads up to Pike National Forest. It was a nice, quiet road with beautiful views!

Saturday-09 Saturday-10 Saturday-11 Saturday-12

We continued on the road for a while and then things got a little more interesting. The road turned to dirt and became much steeper and narrower.

But our curiosity pushed us forward!

Saturday-13 Saturday-14

Saturday-16We stopped at a lookout and noticed that down the trail below us (where we had come from) a couple in a jeep had pulled over to help a guy pull his BMW motorcycle out of the ditch. He was okay, and it reminded us to be extra careful.


The trail got even steeper and a little too loose for comfort. We both were running street tires and had to accept the limitations of our equipment, and maybe even our off road skills. So, we said goodbye to the unknown and turned around.

Saturday-17 Saturday-18

We joined back up with 105 and enjoyed the short journey down to Palmer Lake where we had a small snack by the lake and talked about dinner plans.


The weather was absolutely perfect. The sweetness of summer moved through the air as a slight breeze rolled off of the mountains. Days like this make other days jealous.


After a time of talking with each other, and just letting nature talk to us, our stomachs reminded us that dinner was waiting. So, we mounted our steeds and headed for a steakhouse about 45 minutes away. As dinner came to a close, we were treated to a wonderful sunset.


We rode home, excited at how the day had turned out, and looking forward to what the next ride had in store. We were in for an amazing treat.

148 miles ridden.

Many more smiles to come.


Riding Across Colorado – Prologue

Several months ago, my friend Shawn and I started talking about riding our motorcycles throughout Colorado. Ideas were discussed, dreams were hatched, and plans were made. All we had left to do was tackle the logistics of it all.

Due to a recent job location, Shawn was in Atlanta.

Oh yeah…and his motorcycle was in Virginia.

However, a transport company assured him they could ship the bike to our home in plenty of time before he would fly here on September 19th. Two days before his flight, Shawn found out the company hadn’t even picked up his BMW yet!

He canceled his flight and worked with the company to get a new delivery date. And then another one. And then another. It was frustrating to say the least. At one point, life started creeping in and we talked about scrapping the entire trip. Both of us really wanted to make this happen, so we kept trying to work it all out.

Finally, after even more drama, his R1200GS was delivered safe and sound, and Shawn re-booked his flight for mid-October. I was excited, but really nervous for the weather. In Colorado, October weather can be beautiful, or it can be cold and windy.

We prayed and prayed for good weather, and when Shawn landed in Colorado on the 16th, the 7 day forecast showed 70’s and clear skies every day.

It was time to ride!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting stories and images from our ride around this beautiful state. I’ll be posting according to what we did each day, and some days will take multiple posts to share everything!

In addition, I’ve asked Shawn if he would be willing to be a guest blogger here on MV. Our time spent riding together really was incredible, and I want you to hear some of his thoughts and perspective as well.

Click on the image below to see a sneak peek of some of my favorite pictures from the 1,300 mile trip. Stay tuned…we’ve got some amazing MotoVentures coming right up!


Riding Across Colorado