DP 52W PC – Week 5

The 52 week photography challenge continues!

Week 5 Landscape: Black and White Look for a scene with great contrast that will make a great black and white.

Strong winds created breaks in the fog, just enough for sunrise to break through. So beautiful!

Into the Unknown-1


My Whole Body Sighed

After weeks of ice preventing me from riding on our dirt road, I was finally able to get out today and ride to work.


Was it a little chilly? Yup…it was 29F when I left the house.

But was it worth it? Absolutely!

Once I was on the road, it was like my whole body sighed with thanks.

I love riding.

DP 52W PC – Week 4

The 52 week photography challenge continues!

Week 4 Portrait: Headshot You shot a selfie, now shoot a “selfie” of someone else!


Meet Tim! He is a exceptional video story-teller and the subject for my week four challenge. It can be tough to capture a good portrait of a creative professional, but Tim made it easy.

I’m happy with how his portrait turned out…especially for a shot that took less than 5 minutes to setup!