Riding Across Colorado – Day 5, Part 2

“Why don’t you guys head up to Boreas Pass?”, said Steve, the hotel representative.  “It’s beautiful up there and would be a fantastic ride on your motorcycles.”

I had heard of Boreas Pass, but I thought it was an advanced trail for 4WD only. Steve assured us that we would be fine, that we had enough daylight, and that it would be well worth our time. And with that, we set out…

Boreas Pass Road was absolutely remarkable right from the start! The road was paved for the first few miles, and then varied from a good dirt road to a road filled with massive potholes and huge drop-offs on our right. It was exhilarating!

We soon found our first place to stop for pictures…




The view down in to the valley was absolutely fabulous!



We began to wonder how much further we could make it up the pass. Would we have enough ground clearance on our bikes? Would we have enough daylight? Could we handle ourselves if we got in to trouble?

Just then, a minivan with a couple and a bunch of kids came past us on their way back down from the summit. For the second time on this trip, it was either time to turn in the man card or press on!

And so we pressed on…


It was absolutely amazing to think that the Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad used to operate trains up and down this pass!



We traveled a few miles at low speed, and then came upon this absolutely stunning vista!


It was so quiet and peaceful up there that we enjoyed the better part of 30 minutes taking pictures all around this area.



For scale reference, notice Shawn and his bike in the lower part of this image!



We continued on the road and soon reached Boreas Pass summit (11,481 ft) which is also on the Continental Divide! It was amazing!

I’ve always found it fascinating to stand on any point of the 3,100 mile Great Divide and ponder the flow of water to each coast. It really is incredible to think about how this massive hydrological system works.


Boreas Mountain illuminated by the setting sun…just beautiful!




As we were wrapping up our exploration of the summit, an older couple arrived in their vehicle. We exchanged hellos and offered to take pictures of each other at the Pass sign.


They asked how far it was to Breckenridge (the side we came up) and we asked how far it was to Como (the side they came up). We realized we would not have enough light to safely descend to the other side of mountain, so with light fading, we began our descent back in to Breckenridge.


We made it safely back to our hotel and got setup in our room.


Shawn (who lives in the south) realized that we didn’t have air conditioning and got a little worried. It was definitely stuffy in the room so I concluded his worry was legit.

I checked my weather app and it said the overnight low was about 31F, so I suggested we just open the windows and head to dinner. After a little poking around, we found a fan and a few minutes later we had an awesome, improvised air conditioner running!


We headed down to the front desk and learned that there was a free shuttle available to take us downtown. We told Steve about the amazing time we had on Boreas Pass and thanked him profusely for the recommendation.

We figured he hadn’t steered us wrong so far, so again we asked Steve for some advice. Where should we go eat? After a quick chat about likes and dislikes, he highly recommended the Kenosha Steakhouse. We accepted his recommendation and hopped on the shuttle down to Main Street. It felt nice to just sit back and not think about driving for those few minutes.


After a short wait, we were shown to a table and proceeded to have one of the most amazing meals I have ever had. Maybe part of it was that we had already been hungry for hours and almost anything would have been appreciated at that point.

Still, that food was exactly what we needed and it was incredibly delicious. For the next two hours we talked about anything and everything. We realized how incredibly blessed we were to be on this journey, and yet, how surprised we were that it had gone by so fast.


We spent the remainder of the night walking around Main Street, enjoying the cool night air. It was nice to see this quiet side of Breckenridge.

Tired, and ready to be in our beds, we found another shuttle station and grabbed a ride back to the hotel. Tomorrow would be the final day of our journey.

But for tonight, we quickly fell asleep in our wonderful, mountain-air-conditioned room!


4 thoughts on “Riding Across Colorado – Day 5, Part 2

  1. charlie6 says:

    Boreas Pass is definitely not an advanced technique pass road as you found out. It definitely has lovely views as well. Thanks for the reminder, it’s been a while since I’ve ridden that road….

    Liked by 1 person

    • motoventures says:

      Thanks Dom! It was a beautiful ride and I would love to go back and ride the entire length to/from Como. You know all the good roads….I would love to explore a ride with you this year!


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