Riding Across Colorado – Day 6, Part 1

We woke up just before sunrise, hearing faint sounds through the windows that we had left open all night. The room was cold and absolutely refreshing…and so was our morning view!


We got ready and made our way over to catch the shuttle downtown for breakfast.


It was an absolutely gorgeous morning…cool with beautiful blue skies.



We headed for breakfast at a local cafe, and although the staff was nice, the food left a lot to be desired. It just wasn’t very good.


The interior decor was pretty cool though!


After breakfast we made a little stop at Starbucks, and then enjoyed almost an hour of walking around Main street and enjoying the fall colors


We were super tempted to hang around long enough to have lunch at Kenosha, but with a full day of riding ahead, that wasn’t really an option.


This morning in Breckenridge really was special. The weather was beautiful, the colors were vibrant, and there were only about 10 other people walking around so it wasn’t crowded at all. It was absolutely wonderful!





We were going to catch the shuttle back to the hotel, but with a morning like this, we wanted to enjoy every minute. So, we took our time wandering back towards the hotel, enjoying the wonder of the moment.





And then, before we knew it, it was time to get back on bikes to start the journey home on our final day of riding.

We had no idea what a remarkable and long day lay ahead of us, and that before the day ended, we would face the most difficult challenge of our entire ride…


6 thoughts on “Riding Across Colorado – Day 6, Part 1

  1. FujiPops says:

    Oh, the colors! Oh, the steak house! Oh, think I’ll retire there when I get old! Oh, you sure like to keep us all in suspense!

    These ride installments reminds me of when I was a boy I used to go to the matinee every Saturday to see another part of a Flash Gordon movie which always left you hanging on a cliff’s edge at the end.

    So, you had to come back every week to see what happened to Gordy. They had you hooked! Sure spent a lot of my allowance on Flash!

    After six months you finally came to the end and were given a sneak preview of the next movie! Oh, those were the good ole days!

    Keep riding and posting MV!

    Liked by 1 person

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