Black Forest Riders – Trip to Bishop Castle

Last Saturday, the Black Forest Riders took their first group ride of the season down to Bishop Castle. It started out a little windy and cool as we met up near I25…


Kerry checks out Scott’s new-to-him naked Goldwing!

We mounted up and road for a little over an hour down to the rest area at Colorado City. It was beautiful down there and almost no wind! Found this little guy on the side of the road…


A cute picture of our fearless group leaders!

Some crazy localBFRBC-007

Then it was time to ride up the foothills to the castle! The bikes sure looked nice all lined up…


We had no trouble finding a place to parkBFRBC-009

I love that group rides give you the opportunity to enjoy camaraderie and just have a little fun!

Looks like the Castle is still standing…a good sign! This visit I ended up climbing both towers!


I think Scott was taking it slow and making sure no rocks popped out while walking throughBFRBC-012 BFRBC-013

It really is a very impressive structure!BFRBC-014

And it’s also a little scary to realize that it is primarily held together with welded joints!

It was time for Tyler and I to make the climb…

We made it to the “Great Room”BFRBC-017

A quick pop out to the balcony revealed our cheering squad safely down below!BFRBC-018

As always, the views from the castle are spectacular!BFRBC-019

Kerry made it up the other tower and began the safety inspections over there. That ball WOBBLES significantly when you are inside it!

Tyler and I earned bragging rights for making it to the top of the castle!BFRBC-021

Hey look, I can see my group from here!BFRBC-022

I finally mustered up the courage to walk on the bridge to nowhere. Tyler told me the steps were moving as I went across them!BFRBC-023

A view of the tower we had just climbed!BFRBC-024

Looking back at the ball! It isn’t as unsafe as it looks…it’s WORSE!BFRBC-025

Hey hey…Mr Bishop has installed high quality, OSHA approved hand rails!BFRBC-026

Taking one last look before heading outBFRBC-027

And back out the gate we go! We survived another summit of the castle! (Note the menacing rock tied to the gate and ready to ambush those who don’t agree with Mr. Bishop)BFRBC-028

Unfortunately, that is the last of the pictures that I took. When we got back to the bikes, Scott noticed that my chain was loose. The whole group helped with adjusting it, which then caused another issue on the bike and a loud “rotating” sound.

Instead of heading to Westcliffe for lunch, we decided it would be best if we just got the bike back to town and in for service. Yup, I was that guy causing issues. So, we headed north to Florence, grabbed a bite to eat, then limped the remaining 39 miles back to town going pretty slow.

Everyone in the group was so patient and understanding, and Kerry and Scott served as my wingmen and gave me a personal escort all the way to the shop itself. They were awesome!

In the end, it was a great first group ride of the season. We all arrived back home safely, and that is all that matters.

More to come soon on Stallion’s trip to the vet and his diagnosis!



7 thoughts on “Black Forest Riders – Trip to Bishop Castle

  1. FujiPops says:

    Hey MotoVentures, I see a new riding season has begun, woohoo! Sorry to hear about your steed not feeling up to the challenge though. I’m sure with a little TLC, and some new shoes he’ll be chomping at the bits and back on the trail soon.

    Looking forward to seeing the great adventures you will have together! Trust this will be one of many. Ride safe!

    Liked by 1 person

    • motoventures says:

      Thanks FujiPops! I just heard from the vet and his new sprockets and chain are already installed, along with his new shoes! The 15K tuneup and coolant flush will be done next week. Hoping he enjoys his recovery time!


    • motoventures says:

      I haven’t had a chance to post an update yet, so thanks for reading that and replying! New chain, new sprockets, new tires, 15,000 mile checkup, and coolant flush is going to run me about $1200. I wish I had the knowledge to do it myself, but sadly, I do not. It’s a great bike and I want it to have a good, long life, so I guess this is the price I pay.

      As for the castle, I do have to admit that it is totally worth seeing at least once. The drive down there is gorgeous, especially in the fall!


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