The Second Time is Better

Back in May/June, we went through a really nasty real estate transaction. It was weeks of uncertainty and an awful lot of frustration. In the end, it made us stronger and we are thankful for the lessons we learned.

Fast forward to today, and we are once again under contract to sell our home and purchase a different home in town! Only this time, our buyer doesn’t seem crazy! πŸ™‚

No Nuts-01

So it looks like we’ll be moving in about a month. My commute will go from roughly 84 miles a day down to 3 miles. As in…three miles.

From a riding perspective, I’ll miss those times on the open road, riding through the fields to and from our home in the country. Some of it was spent listening to music or audio books using my Sena. Other times, I would just talk to God. It was an opportunity just to take a deep breath and enjoy the time spent in the saddle.

But from a family perspective, I am so ready to move and gain back all of that time! Instead of commuting, we can more easily enjoy dinners together, games after work, walks, etc. I’ll be able to bike (bicycle) to work, or even walk there. This move really will be life changing for us.

I am so blessed, and looking forward to this next season of life!




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