2 Days, 2 States, 2 Friends, and 2 Motorcycles – Part 1

On Friday, August 20, my friend Jeff and I headed out on an overnight ride. Our route took us along the rolling Colorado Front Range, around the beautiful Horsetooth Reservoir, up to Wyoming, over the spectacular Snowy Mountain Range to a peaceful B&B right on a river, and then back home through some amazing locations such as Rabbit Ears Pass, Winter Park, and a very crowded Mt. Evans summit.

We rode through fog, blue skies, stopped for intense lightning, rode through heavy rain, crazy wind, freezing fog, smoke from a forest fire, a little snow, and back up to 85F temps and sun!

Come along as I share about our ride – “2 Days, 2 States, 2 Friends, and 2 Motorcycles”!

Friday morning dawned with beautiful colors, no wind, the feeling of excitement in the air. I get to go on a long ride today! In fact, this would be my first motorcycle ride to another state!

WyRide-002I loaded up Stallion…he’s been looking forward to stretching his legs on this run for quite a while!

WyRide-001I did one last check of my gear, snacks, and route……then kissed my lovely wife goodbye and turned down the driveway towards the open road


WyRide-005I absolutely love my new Olympia Jacket and Pants…they are so comfortable and fit me perfectly! Anyway, a few minutes in to the ride, I descended into the valley and hit dense fog

WyRide-004Thankfully, it only lasted about 20 miles and then went back to blue skies. On to meet Jeff…

WyRide-006After confirming a few details, we hopped on our bikes and headed north…and managed to stay (mostly) off of the interstate and on back roads instead

WyRide-008Unfortunately, we did hit a small bit of construction, and then traffic in some of the towns

WyRide-007 WyRide-009After riding through Golden, Boulder, and Longmont, we continued on U.S. 287 and headed to Horsetooth Reservoir on the west side of Ft. Collins

WyRide-010We found a nice, shaded spot to enjoy a snack while looking at the lake WyRide-011It was an absolutely beautiful day


Looking east towards Ft. CollinsWyRide-013

It looked like fun to be out on the lake!WyRide-014

We rode around to the east side of the lake to enjoy more of the beautiful sceneryWyRide-017

Jeff and his beautiful RTWyRide-016

Stallion was running great and loving the ride

WyRide-015After the reservoir, we headed to Laporte for lunch. You know you’re in a country area when waiting for traffic at a stop sign includes horses!

WyRide-018Our choice for food was Vern’s Place….and other motorcyclists had found it too! I talked to one of these guys (he owned the white Triumph) and they seemed like a fun group.

WyRide-020Vern’s place had great food and a nice deck to enjoy the views!

WyRide-019WyRide-021Right as we finished lunch, it started to rain. We stayed on the patio for a little bit, but then it rained harder so we headed inside to order some coffee and wait it out. Do you ever get the feeling you’re being watched?

The skies started to lift, so we geared up and headed out!

WyRide-023Unfortunately, we only made it about 20 minutes down the road when we saw LOTS of lightning directly ahead of us. We pulled over at this service station/cafe and put on full rain gear.

WyRide-024As we were suiting up, a guy on a Goldwing pulled in and put a tarp over his bike because he had a cloth seat. As soon as he walked up the stairs to where we, lighting struck the hill behind the bikes! It definitely wasn’t worth getting right back in the saddle with lightning that close

WyRide-025We waited about 40 minutes for the lightning to calm down, and even though the rain had only let up a little, we got on the bikes and headed for Wyoming. For the next hour and a half we rode through the rain, crazy wind, and rapidly dropping temperatures. In fact, at one point we pulled over so that I could put on my winter gloves as my fingers were starting to go numb. After putting on my water proof/insulated gloves, I turned up the heated grips and settled in for the leg that would take us to Centennial, Wyoming!

(To be continued…)


9 thoughts on “2 Days, 2 States, 2 Friends, and 2 Motorcycles – Part 1

  1. curvyroads says:

    Wow, lots of happenings for an overnight ride! Summer = construction everywhere, I guess. 😉
    Glad you were able to get out of that lightening. And then cold too, wow, all the weather types in one day almost. We haven’t had cold down here…since last January???? LOL

    Liked by 1 person

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