2 Days, 2 States, 2 Friends, and 2 Motorcycles – Part 3

As the sun crept closer to the western horizon, we left the Snowy Mountain Range behind us and rode down WY230 to the little town of Riverside, Wyoming. The last census reported a population of 52, but the town boasts a great campground plus several cabins, B&B’s, and dude ranches in the surrounding area. I would easily bet that visitors outnumber residents 3 or 4 to 1!

Three weeks  earlier, I had called the Spirit West River Lodge and was delighted to learn they had availability! I spoke with Lynn for a few moments and knew right away this was going to be a great experience. They are located down a private road – no through traffic!

WyRide-051 WyRide-052 WyRide-053

After parking the bikes, we wandered inside the main lodge and looked around

WyRide-054 WyRide-055 WyRide-056

There was another family there from elsewhere in Wyoming, a couple from Colorado, and another family from Washington State! I enjoyed talking with all of them and learning about their journeys. People really are so nice when you make time to be interested in them!WyRide-057Soon after that, we met Lynn and she showed us to “The Buffalo Room” – it was perfect!

WyRide-058 WyRide-059 WyRide-060

We walked out of the room and on to this beautiful deck that looked right over the river!WyRide-061 WyRide-062 WyRide-063

Peaceful, beautiful and serene would be good adjectives to START with….this place is really wonderful, and a true hideaway in our hectic, noisy worldWyRide-064We decided to walk back to town and get a bite to eat at a local cafe. On our way out of the cabin, this young guy approached us and asked if we were the ones on the motorcycles. We said yes, and he immediately started talking to us about our trip, and showed us pictures of his ride! He was very proud of his custom motorcycle!


We continued walking down the dirt driveway, then turned on to the main road. It felt great to be off the bikes and strolling around such a peaceful and quiet area! As we walked over a bridge, we saw the back side of a pretty campground that ran along the north side of the town


And before long, we were town…welcome to Riverside! WyRide-067 WyRide-068We found the restaurant and went inside eager for dinner – that ride made us hungry!


Unfortunately, the food was just okay, the service was not good, and two dogs were roaming around begging at every table. Definitely not a place I will recommend.WyRide-070 WyRide-071The town sits at 7,142 feet, so the evening was cooling off rapidly, and it felt great! Jeff recommended that we walk around the town, and I am so glad he did! We spent the next 45 minutes or so just strolling around the streets, around their town park, and down by the river.


There were deer all over the place!WyRide-073

This home had a beautiful setup, with a small stream running right underneath their porch! Their were lots of front doors open throughout the homes….it felt like the type of town that you could meet someone and then get invited right in for coffee.WyRide-074

We passed by another cabin and saw this sitting outside! While not rare, it’s not every day that you see an Africa Twin, especially in the middle of the Wyoming countryside! WyRide-076We made it back to our hotel, called our families, and then fell asleep with the windows open ….and the sound of the flowing river dancing in on the cool night air.



(To be continued…)


12 thoughts on “2 Days, 2 States, 2 Friends, and 2 Motorcycles – Part 3

  1. Ry Austin says:

    Great finds, Moto-V: the town and the lodge!

    “People really are so nice when you make time to be interested in them!” Well said…

    I believe that what really makes one important is rarely his personal gains and accomplishments, but rather his genuine interest in his fellow human beings and in the world around him. Making others feel important makes one important to them. Traveling by motorcycle continues to teach me this.

    You know, I’m not a religious fellow (I’ve tried, but it’s never taken). Yet the more I engage with others and with life in general, and the more I simply observe and wonder, the greater sense of purpose I feel… That’s gotta be worth something.

    Liked by 2 people

    • motoventures says:

      Thanks Ry – I enjoyed reading your thoughts! This – “Making other feel important makes one important to them” – was excellent! I love how traveling on a motorcycle breaks down barriers and allows me more freedom to talk with others. I believe we were created to be communal creatures and that happiness lies in what we can do for others. It really is better to give than receive! Ride safe, and thanks again!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. DRF says:

    I absolutely love riding through Wyoming (and Idaho). I think I’ll have to check on the Spitit River Lodge in my next ride through Wyoming. Nice blog post. Keep them comming !

    Liked by 1 person

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