2 Days, 2 States, 2 Friends, and 2 Motorcycles – Part 4

Jeff and I both slept like a baby. This B&B by the river was just what the doctor ordered! I also got a great surprise when unpacking the night before…my oldest daughter hid two little notes for me to read on my trip! She is such a sweet girl and always thinking about kind little notes and cards to give to people. Reading one Friday night, and one Saturday morning was a great reminder of home and how much I love my family!

WyRide-077I got dressed, put on my lightweight Marmot windbreaker, and headed outside. WHOA…it was COLD out there! 34F to be exact, and the bikes had frost and ice on them!

WyRide-078I stopped and listened for a moment – there were a few birds singing and the sound of the river flowing past…it was perfectly calm and peaceful! I went for a walk around the property and really enjoyed just being there.

WyRide-079 WyRide-080 WyRide-081 WyRide-082 WyRide-083 WyRide-084 WyRide-085 WyRide-086I will remember that morning for a while to come.

We ate breakfast with the rest of the guests and enjoyed random conversations about traveling, motorcycles, places to get good food, and more. Soon, we mounted our chilly bikes and headed south to Colorado on WY230. At first we had beautiful blue skies, but as we descended in elevation we encountered fog, and then freezing fog. I wished it would lift so that we could see the scenery around us, but sadly, it never did.

We eventually made it to Walden, which is the self-proclaimed “Moose Viewing Capital of Colorado”…and they were right! Just look carefully in the image below and you’ll see one…he was pretty calm for being in town  🙂

WyRide-087As we left town, the pungent smell of smoke filled our helmets. We saw signs for fire camps, and saw the telltale grey clouds ahead, but never really knew where they were originating from. The smoke and fog really lifted after we traveled down CO14 a ways. That is a beautiful road!

About an hour later we turned on to U.S. 40 and went up and over Rabbit Ears Pass. The state had just finished resurfacing those roads, so they were smooth and FUN to ride! Jeff suggested that we check out a road he saw near the summit pass and I am so glad that he did…we were absolutely blown away by how beautiful it was!

WyRide-092 WyRide-091This was a GREAT spot for some bike pictures!

WyRide-093 WyRide-088 WyRide-089 WyRide-090I also thought it would be great to have a sense of scale in the image, so I asked Jeff to ride back and forth down the road – I like how it turned out!

WyRide-094We headed down the road until coming to a campground and this historical marker – I am really glad we took a few moments to explore this area…it really is gorgeous!

WyRide-095We headed down to Kremmling (another absolutely stunning road) and then over towards Grandby and Winter Park. It was a beautiful, but long run, so we were thankful to get off of the bikes for lunch.

WyRide-096 WyRide-097

Once again, we were plagued by horrible service. Literally, borderline rude. We were both hungry and the food was decent, but I wouldn’t go back here simply based on how unfriendly and unprofessional their staff was.WyRide-098And once again we were pestered by uninvited animals joining us for lunch…

WyRide-099From Winter Park we rode over Berthoud Pass (11,306) and down to Idaho Springs. There were a lot of cars going over the summit, but the weather was superb and that made for a great ride. As we pulled in to a service station, I noticed this, um, creative way to bring a 4 legged friend along!


We topped off with gas in preparation for one last adventure before heading home…we were going to the summit of Mt. Evans!

(To be continued…)


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