BFC Group Ride – Around Pikes Peak

On the afternoon of Sunday, October 2, I helped organize a group ride for riders at my church! There were a total of 8 of us who went on a big circle around Pikes Peak. We headed down Hwy 115 to Canon City, up Skyline Drive, and then up Hwy 9 to High Park Road and back around to Woodland Park. The weather was fabulous and we had a great time!

bfc-ride-001 bfc-ride-002 bfc-ride-003bfc-ride-004 bfc-ride-006 bfc-ride-005bfc-ride-007 bfc-ride-008bfc-ride-009 bfc-ride-015 bfc-ride-014 bfc-ride-013 bfc-ride-012 bfc-ride-011 bfc-ride-010bfc-ride-016 bfc-ride-021 bfc-ride-020 bfc-ride-019 bfc-ride-018 bfc-ride-017I’m already looking forward to our spring ride!



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