A Hybrid Kinda Day

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to ride with my Black Forest Rider friends up to Leadville, CO! Unfortunately, my schedule wouldn’t allow me to ride all the way up Leadville, so I rode with everyone as far as Idaho Springs and then headed for home on a solo route.

It was a great day for a hybrid adventure and I’m glad that it all worked out the way it did. So, without further delay…here is some pictures from my ride!

We were small in number for the group ride (4 bikes, 6 riders), but always big in spirit and heart!

Kerry – The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Jenny tells Carol that her autobiography will be just as epic as Kerry’s

Carol prepares her glove for the royal wave

Meanwhile, Kerry and Mike are ready for a smackdown on the I-25 offramp

Before long we made it to Idaho Springs – the weather was beautiful!

Having made it safely to Starbucks, our adventure was complete 🙂

The reason I love our group rides is the fun and camaraderie we all share! We tell some pretty great stories at our snack/lunch stops, but I can’t share them here otherwise the group would have to silence me…

All too soon, it was time for us to split up. Mike also had to head out early, but I wasn’t able to get a picture of him as he headed out. Jeff & Carol are happy thinking about the great ride and lunch ahead of them!

Jenny now demonstrates her royal wave as they follow Jeff & Carol!

And now she’s got Kerry doing the wave!

I headed south on CO-74 towards Evergreen – this is one of many beautiful vistas along the way!

I stopped at the Evergreen Lake Dam and enjoyed a 10 minute stretch

This statue is modeled after Frederic Remington’s 1903 sculpture titled, The Mountain Man

The view of the lake was absolutely beautiful!

After leaving Evergreen, I continued on CO-74 through Bear Creek Canyon

When you see this sign, you know the road is going to be good! And it WAS! That road was several miles of twisty, curvy, FUN!

Things that make you go, “Yessssssssss!”

After going through Morrison, I headed down C-470 over to US-85 and then down CO-105 (the route we had come up that morning). The views on that road are always gorgeous!

It was a GREAT day for adventure with friends, and a solo ride back…and I was still home by 1:30pm to take care of my other commitments!

Until the next adventure…ride safe!



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