BFR Group Ride – Guanella Pass – Part 1

Last weekend I had the opportunity to hang out with the Black Forest Riders and take a group ride up to through Georgetown and over the amazing Guanella Pass! We were blessed with an absolutely fantastic day to ride.

We met at Starbucks in north Colorado Springs and had a great turnout – 7 bikes – and a great time of fun even before hopping on our bikes!

Jim has a pretty cool vest!

Jack was happy to get out for his first ride in a while, but….

…as Jack walked away, Kerry and Scott thought about taking his shiny Wing for a joyride

Jeff started to get suspicious…meanwhile Scott and Kerry play a round of paper, rock, scissors to see who gets to ride first

Jeff finally had to lay down the law: “No stealing bikes. Ride what you brought.”

With clear skies and great roads waiting, we headed away from Pikes Peak and to the northwest

We had a chance to pick up two extra riders, but they were on Harley’s and we didn’t have any spare oil that they would likely need later in the day….

We pulled in to Golden for a quick butt break – click on this picture and you’ll see five hang gliders to the right of the M!

Time for caffeine!

Kerry had to answer a quick text from the President…

Scott found the solution to the rising temperature

Kerry & Jenny found some new friends to talk to

Meanwhile, Jeff points out, “We don’t have to get our picture taken by this guy…let’s lose him!”

This guy definitely won the award for most tattooed vehicle

After a short time of cool drinks and relaxing in the shade, it was time to leave! Jack and Jim point their Wings into the wind and ready for takeoff…

Looks like we got everyone – time to head for the pass!

(Part 2 coming soon…)



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