Hello 2018!

Well, I’ve been so preoccupied with other matters that I haven’t made time to blog in quite a while. In fact, I haven’t been on here since last year! That was only 30 days ago, but still…

Unfortunately, I don’t have any new stories to share, but I did want to post a few pictures of Stallion taken by my friend Jeff. It’s always fun to see Stallion in motion!

These images were taken on the ride to Guanella Pass last year – such an EPIC road that I would highly recommend you explore!

Stallion Motion 001Stallion Motion 002Stallion Motion 003Stallion Motion 004

Hopefully more stories to come soon…



6 thoughts on “Hello 2018!

    • motoventures says:

      Thanks FujiPops! Stallion is whimpering a little bit with not having been out in a couple weeks, so he’s anxious for warm weather fun! Make sure you’re back in CO before summer so we can take the Sequoia on some mountain photography trips!


    • motoventures says:

      You will love that road! We went from the Georgetown side over the pass and it literally felt like the road was made for motorcycles. Perfect corners, camber, and more – you’re going to love it!


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