Georgetown and Guanella Pass

The last time I touched this blog was seven months ago…the 2019 Group Ride season hadn’t even started yet! Clearly I need to work on the frequency that I share posts. Unfortunately, this has been such a busy year for me that I only went on two group rides, with two different groups of friends. They were both a lot of fun, so I’ll start today by sharing the first one.

On Saturday, August 24th, I joined my Black Forest Riders friends as we headed over to Georgetown, Colorado. The route had us heading over the stunning Guanella Pass and back home on a new-to-us-road through Tarryall.

The day started off with cooler temperatures as we group met up at Rudy’s BBQ off of Hwy 24.

I invited a friend, Mike, along for his first ride with BFR. That’s his Kawasaki Concourse in the background. Sadly, Mike was hit on his bike about a month later when a truck failed to yield in an intersection. Thankfully, Mike was okay. His bike was totaled.

Doug was distracted with his new x-ray glasses during Jeff’s safety speech…

Ready to roll!

First stoplight and the group is still back there…that’s a good sign

Less than two hours later we stopped for coffee in Pine, Colorado. It’s usually a challenge to find a table big enough for our group, but Coffee Bean N Bakery did a great job accommodating us. They even had some gluten free options for brownies and cookies!

Back on the road again, and the road up to Guanella Pass was absolutely stunning! This is one of my favorite rides.

We stopped at the top of the pass, but there was way too many people parked up there trying to bag a 14’er late in the season.

Mike standing by for instructions as we decided whether to wait for parking or not…Jack is serving as rear road guard on his beautiful white Gold Wing

It was a little cool anyway (that early in the day), so we decided to head down to Georgetown to eat, and would try our luck on the way back. We navigated our way down the pass and through the crowds in the shops area until we arrived at The Alpine Restaurant.

Yours truly and my bodyguard (aka my brother-in-law Doug) – I think I’m standing on a curb to even get that height!

The restaurant is housed in the old train depot – cool!

The sign below said that in 1877, town citizens raised “the substantial sum of $5,365” to buy the land and build a simple depot. In today’s value, that would be $131,491.55! Definitely a substantial amount of money 142 years ago.

We were seated in two groups inside, and a nice guy at the table next to us asked if he could take our picture. The bummer is that my lens wasn’t wide enough to catch the rest of the group on the far right side of the room!

After enjoying our lunch, we stepped outside to beautiful blue skies and warmer temps!

We headed back up the pass and were easily able to find parking so that we could enjoy the views and take some pictures!

Another kind person offered to take a picture of the whole group – this is a rare opportunity!

We headed SW on US 285 and took a great road that would lead us near Tarryall reservoir – we found a beautiful little oasis to stop at!

This is my favorite image of the day!

We made it safely to Woodland Park and several of the group kept riding to make it home for evening plans. The few of us that remained headed over to Starbucks for a cool drink to wrap up a great day!

Until next time!

Ride Safe,

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