BFC Group Ride – Salida

I have another group ride to share with you! This one is a little more recent than my last post, but it was still two months ago. Sigh….time flies when you have to work.

On Saturday, October 5th, I led a mixed group of friends from Black Forest Chapel and the Black Forest Riders on a ride that involved beautiful weather, lunch by a river, and heavy smoke from a forest fire!

We met at a Starbucks in north Colorado Springs and had a great turnout – 7 riders on quite a variety of machines…

We made our way down Hwy 115 past Cheyenne Mountain and over to Canon City where we visited a new coffee shop. I think everyone in the group ordered coffee cake!

Saw this adventure van in the parking lot – they were a long way from their home state!

Another hour down the road we arrived in Salida and found a great parking spot in some shade down by the river

Look closely and you can find some hikers and a car going up to the lookout point! (Click on the picture for a larger version)

Such a beautiful day!

Time for some food – this is a great location!

We got a great table and had some great food!

What I love about Salida is that it’s close enough to Colorado Springs that you can ride there, enjoy lunch, have lots of time to explore the town, and still ride home in time for dinner! Here are a few of the pictures from our walk around the riverfront – such amazing weather!

I liked this image of the downtown area, and the neat mural!

An original adventure van – look at that lift! I also didn’t know that Dodge ever made motorhomes?

This was an unusual sight. I guess crime is so rampant that officials decided to take extreme measures to protect their street lights. Good thing they have TWO locks on there… 🙂

Ah Brown Dog Coffee…my second favorite coffee shop in the world. I always go to their Buena Vista location when I’m in town. I haven’t been in the Salida store, but will stop in next time!

This was a nice sign of appreciation for all of the brave men and women who were fighting the very close, Decker Fire.

This was the view of the fire from a gas station in town. As we rode out of town (towards the fire), you could see flames with the naked eye as they left over the ridge. Fortunately, this fire was finally contained at the end of October with assistance from a good snow storm. The fire burned almost 9,000 acres.

As we rode through Cotopaxi and Texas Creek Junction back towards home, the smoke filled the Bighorn Sheep Canyon. Even with my helmet visor down, the smoke stung my eyes and I could taste it as well.

We made one last stop at a gas station in Canon City where we enjoyed some snacks and the last of the great afternoon weather. Here’s a quick image of my brother-in-law, Doug on his beautiful BMW 1600.

It was a great day to enjoy a ride with friends and I’m already looking forward to more rides in 2020. Merry Christmas everyone!

Ride Safe,

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