Sneak Peak: A Bridge to New Places

A few weeks ago I went on a group ride with friends and ended up branching off on my own to go see this Colorado classic…

More pictures to come soon!



Riding to a V-Strom Rally – Part Two

I slept okay after camping in Buena Vista, but I have to admit it was a pretty warm night. Temperatures were still in the mid 50’s, but my tent and bag are designed for cooler temps. At one point in the middle of the night, I opened up my bag and just slept on top of it so that I could cool off. Kudos to Pumori for making such an awesome tent!

I got up about 5:30am, enjoyed the beautiful sunrise, packed up my gear, said goodbye to Nvr2Old, and hit the road for some mountain time.

I headed west on CR 306 where the sun was already highlighting the peaks in front of me. I had heard the road to Cottonwood Pass was supposed to be amazing, but little did I know how amazing it would be!

One of the little lakes, and beautiful views I saw along the way

As I continued down towards the summit, I mused to myself that it was cool that I hadn’t seen another human/bike/car on the road!

By the time I got very close to the summit, I pulled over for some great photo ops! Click on this pano below for the full effect!

Time for some glamour shots

It really was amazing to have the whole road to myself with such amazing scenery!

I got to the summit and found a great place to park – only previous stains made it look like Stallion had an accident…

There was a couple in a Subaru on top of the summit. A lady came over a few minutes later and said good morning, and mentioned that her and her husband had slept on the summit overnight because they were capturing pictures of the stars – cool!

After that, they headed down the mountain and I had the entire summit to myself. Look closely and you can still see snow in this image!


The air at 12,000+ feet was cool and crisp…a perfect place to have breakfast!

I sat on a rock for over 30 minutes and enjoyed my food while just marveling at the majesty of creation. It was so peaceful and quiet that even hearing my own voice out loud as I talked to God sounded loud to me!

I knew the forecast was calling for bad weather later in the afternoon, so I needed to get off the summit and head east for home. Before I left, I got one last picture of Stallion…

Then I headed over to the edge of the summit, and looked down at the road waiting for me below…

Besides a safe ride home, God gave me one final gift that morning…I never saw another human being the whole way down the mountain! Not a bicycle, motorcycle, car, or anyone!

It’s such a rarity to have a beautiful place like this not be over-crowded with tons of people. To enjoy the entire mountain to myself was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will remember forever!

Ride Safe and Enjoy the Adventure,

Riding to a V-Strom Rally – Part One

Schedules rarely work the way they are supposed to. On Friday, June 15, I planned on getting off of work a little early and heading out for an adventure with Stallion. Multiple problems got in the way of that, bad weather socked in, and I almost cancelled the whole trip.

Instead, I chose to roll the dice, throw caution to the wind, and head out over 5 hours later than I planned. Stallion and I were headed west to a V-Strom rally in Buena Vista, Colorado!

I hit a lot of traffic on Hwy 24 through Woodland Park, and took a quick butt break in Florissant, Colorado which sits at 8,200 feet.

Unfortunately, the weather to the west started to look a little questionable again.

I decided to press on, and eventually had to pull over in Hartsel, Colorado to put on some rain gear. I hit a storm a little further west, but mainly had to deal with the wind and only minor rain. It didn’t last very long, and by the time I got to a campground in Buena Vista, the weather was gorgeous!

The V-Strom group had already secured an area of the campground, so I checked in with one of the leaders, found a spot, and got my site setup. It wasn’t the best area, but it worked.

The guy next to me was super cool. His name was Don and hailed from Washington state. He is 70+ years young and rode down to Colorado by way of a 3,000 mile “shortcut”! He goes by the Stromtrooper name of Nvr2Old and was truly a pleasure and inspiration to talk to.

Here is a glance at part of the rally site…

And from here, it was time for me to wander around and see all of Stallion’s cousins! I had never seen so many V-Stroms in one place, with many different years, generations, customizations, and more!

Can you spot Stallion and my campsite?

Time for some sticker viewing!

Love this one!

I talked with 4-5 different riders, but I was new, didn’t know anyone, and had a tough time making connections. I pulled back to my tent around 8:45pm or so, ate a high quality dinner (bison jerky & plantain chips!) then settled in with a book for the evening. Before long it was past 10pm and I was tired enough for bed. In went the ear plugs, and out went the light.

And with that, I was able to cross something off my bucket list…my first camping trip off of my motorcycle! Up next: A night of rest, paired with getting up early, brought an amazing reward of a once in a lifetime experience.

Stay tuned…part 2 coming soon!



Setting Up My Tent

I’ve wanted to play around with the time lapse feature of the GoPro, and a recent overnight ride provided a great opportunity! Here is a short video showing me setting up my tent during the ride to Buena Vista

Pictures to come soon!