Hello 2018!

Well, I’ve been so preoccupied with other matters that I haven’t made time to blog in quite a while. In fact, I haven’t been on here since last year! That was only 30 days ago, but still…

Unfortunately, I don’t have any new stories to share, but I did want to post a few pictures of Stallion taken by my friend Jeff. It’s always fun to see Stallion in motion!

These images were taken on the ride to Guanella Pass last year – such an EPIC road that I would highly recommend you explore!

Stallion Motion 001Stallion Motion 002Stallion Motion 003Stallion Motion 004

Hopefully more stories to come soon…



2017 Best 9 Instagram Pictures

Account to likes on Instagram, these are my best nine pictures from 2017! Great memories from a great year of adventure!


BFR Group Ride – Salida – Part 2

After eating lunch right by the river, we decided that we had plenty of time and could enjoy walking around Salida for a bit. This was a fun chance for me to use my little Fuji 23mm lens and just have fun grabbing some random images!

I could spend all day here!

As I was walking around I heard some lively music in the distance. It turns out that Salida was having their Oktoberfest that day!

I enjoyed the German music for a little bit and then headed back down to the river to enjoy the sights and sounds. I’ve been to the top of that hill (above the S) and the view is amazing!

I found a great spot to sit and enjoy the view!

About that time, some of our group found my hiding spot – thanks to Scott for these pictures!

I think I really could have napped there!

Jeff and Carol enjoyed a stroll down by the river as well!

It really was a wonderful day to enjoy life in a small mountain town!

Before long, we hopped back on the bikes and pointed them towards home…

I love the diversity of Colorado!

It was a wonderful last official group ride of the year – I can’t wait for 2018!!!


BFR Group Ride – Salida – Part 1

On October 7th (I know – I’m WAY behind!), I enjoyed the last organized group ride of the season with my friends from Black Forest Riders. We were fortunate enough to take a ride over to Salida, Colorado!

Underneath gorgeous blue Colorado skies, I headed off to meet the group near downtown Colorado Springs – what an amazing day to ride!

BFR Salida-001

For the final group ride of the year, we had six bikes and seven friends together

BFR Salida-002

Jeff told a shocked Scott that any misbehaving would result in a smackdown…

BFR Salida-003

And we’re off!

BFR Salida-004

But not before a quick selfie…

BFR Salida-005

We took a butt break about an hour and a half later north east of Canon City – what a beautiful day!

BFR Salida-006

BFR Salida-007

Even Stallion wanted a picture (with a distant cousin in the background)

BFR Salida-008

Two selfies in one day? Don’t worry…my GoPro and I come in peace!

BFR Salida-009

After a gorgeous ride through the Bighorn Sheep Canyon, we arrived in Salida!

BFR Salida-010

The view by the river was beautiful!

BFR Salida-012

BFR Salida-011

And now it was time to sit under those umbrellas and enjoy a great lunch together!

BFR Salida-013

(Part 2 coming soon…)


Ride to Salida (Video)

A few weeks ago our Black Forest Riders group enjoyed the last organized ride of the season down to Salida, Colorado – here are the video highlights!

A post with pictures and more about the trip is coming soon!