Ride Report (Sneak Peek) – Aspen

Last Saturday I had a great time riding up to Aspen with my friends…

More to come soon!



BFR Group Ride – Guanella Pass – Part 2

After leaving Golden we headed west through Clear Creek Canyon on U.S. 6 – an excellent road! Unfortunately, I didn’t get any images of that because we were having so much fun carving through those curves.

An interesting fact is that the temperature was 84F before we headed into the canyon, but on the other side of one of the tunnels, it was 68F! Before the end of the day, we would see 60F at the top of the pass, and then soaring back up to 94F as we made our way back into the Springs!

Here is the view as we came into Georgetown – it was my first time pulling off in this pretty little town and I wouldn’t mind going back to explore a little more

As we turned on Guanella Pass Road, I had just finished telling Jeff over the communicator that I have lived in Colorado for 7 years and I’ve never seen a mountain goat.

I’ve been to Pikes Peak – didn’t see any.

Mt. Evans, where everyone sees them? Check. Didn’t see a one.

Glen Eyrie in the Springs? Been there, done that. No t-shirt.

As we rounded one of the corners, Jeff says, “Well here you go – there’s several blocking traffic in the middle of the road!” So now I can check that off the list…

The road to the summit is lined with little lakes and is a fantastic motorcycle road! Prior to the summit, I pulled off to grab this image

There were amazing views in every direction!

The group found an area to park in the VERY busy parking lot and celebrated the day with a picture (thanks to Jack for taking it)!

Having successfully “summited”, several folks update their Instagram accounts with selfies…

Kerry then resumed his negotiations for a ride on Jack’s bike

Our noble steeds getting a well deserved break for oxygen at 11,700 feet above sea level!

However, all was not well at the summit. Kerry clearly doesn’t approve of this license plate…

Time for a Stallion glamour shot!

Thanks again to Jack for these two images (to prove I was the one who rode it up there)

A beautiful view of Mt. Bierstadt…look carefully at the next section of images as I zoom in!

Getting closer…next I’ll zoom in on that brown patch at the bottom

Hikers on the trail!

Click on this image to make it bigger and you’ll see LOADS of people on the summit!

Another pretty view

Time for one more image before going down – I made it a B&W one!

The road down was spectacular – one of the best and most interesting decent’s that I’ve had!

After dropping down the pass, we headed over to Bailey to look for food

Unfortunately, we landed at a brewery that only had a food truck outside, and it looked a little questionable to me

As I walked over to a nearby store for jerky, chips, and iced tea, I saw this interesting artwork

After getting food in our bellies, we headed off towards home…NOTE: Riders in the mirror are closer than they appear

See – they really are closer!

The ride down the mountain and curvy CO-67 made Jeff happy!

One last stop in Woodland Park for another cool drink!

It was a great ride with some amazing scenery, and good times with friends! What more could you ask for!?


BFR Group Ride – Guanella Pass – Part 1

Last weekend I had the opportunity to hang out with theย Black Forest Ridersย and take a group ride up to through Georgetown and over the amazing Guanella Pass! We were blessed with an absolutely fantastic day to ride.

We met at Starbucks in north Colorado Springs and had a great turnout – 7 bikes – and a great time of fun even before hopping on our bikes!

Jim has a pretty cool vest!

Jack was happy to get out for his first ride in a while, but….

…as Jack walked away, Kerry and Scott thought about taking his shiny Wing for a joyride

Jeff started to get suspicious…meanwhile Scott and Kerry play a round of paper, rock, scissors to see who gets to ride first

Jeff finally had to lay down the law: “No stealing bikes. Ride what you brought.”

With clear skies and great roads waiting, we headed away from Pikes Peak and to the northwest

We had a chance to pick up two extra riders, but they were on Harley’s and we didn’t have any spare oil that they would likely need later in the day….

We pulled in to Golden for a quick butt break – click on this picture and you’ll see five hang gliders to the right of the M!

Time for caffeine!

Kerry had to answer a quick text from the President…

Scott found the solution to the rising temperature

Kerry & Jenny found some new friends to talk to

Meanwhile, Jeff points out, “We don’t have to get our picture taken by this guy…let’s lose him!”

This guy definitely won the award for most tattooed vehicle

After a short time of cool drinks and relaxing in the shade, it was time to leave! Jack and Jim point their Wings into the wind and ready for takeoff…

Looks like we got everyone – time to head for the pass!

(Part 2 coming soon…)


A Hybrid Kinda Day

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to ride with my Black Forest Rider friends up to Leadville, CO! Unfortunately, my schedule wouldn’t allow me to ride all the way up Leadville, so I rode with everyone as far as Idaho Springs and then headed for home on a solo route.

It was a great day for a hybrid adventure and I’m glad that it all worked out the way it did. So, without further delay…here is some pictures from my ride!

We were small in number for the group ride (4 bikes, 6 riders), but always big in spirit and heart!

Kerry – The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Jenny tells Carol that her autobiography will be just as epic as Kerry’s

Carol prepares her glove for theย royal wave

Meanwhile, Kerry and Mike are ready for a smackdown on the I-25 offramp

Before long we made it to Idaho Springs – the weather was beautiful!

Having made it safely to Starbucks, our adventure was complete ๐Ÿ™‚

The reason I love our group rides is the fun and camaraderie we all share! We tell some pretty great stories at our snack/lunch stops, but I can’t share them here otherwise the group would have to silence me…

All too soon, it was time for us to split up. Mike also had to head out early, but I wasn’t able to get a picture of him as he headed out. Jeff & Carol are happy thinking about the great ride and lunch ahead of them!

Jenny now demonstrates her royal wave as they follow Jeff & Carol!

And now she’s got Kerry doing the wave!

I headed south on CO-74 towards Evergreen – this is one of many beautiful vistas along the way!

I stopped at the Evergreen Lake Dam and enjoyed a 10 minute stretch

This statue is modeled after Frederic Remington’s 1903 sculpture titled, The Mountain Man

The view of the lake was absolutely beautiful!

After leaving Evergreen, I continued on CO-74 through Bear Creek Canyon

When you see this sign, you know the road is going to be good! And it WAS! That road was several miles of twisty, curvy, FUN!

Things that make you go, “Yessssssssss!”

After going through Morrison, I headed down C-470 over to US-85 and then down CO-105 (the route we had come up that morning). The views on that road are always gorgeous!

It was a GREAT day for adventure with friends, and a solo ride back…and I was still home by 1:30pm to take care of my other commitments!

Until the next adventure…ride safe!