BFR Group Ride to Salida – Part 2

After grabbing some tasty food, we had time to walk around and capture the sights! Here are a few images from my walk…

These guys got soaked a couple of seconds later as a big dip sent water flying into the boat!


This looked kinda fun

I wonder if anyone has actually tried this…

I popped into this bike shop and had a nice conversation with the Anton, the owner!

Other random sights along the way…

Someone represented with a sticker from my favorite coffee shop in the whole world – BROWN DOG COFFEE! They have amazing coffee and an epic gluten free chocolate chip pumpkin bread!

This is a cool mural!

Time to mount up and head towards home – here’s a cool evolution of lights!

Lucky me – Buena Vista wasn’t too far away and served as a great place to grab a cool drink!

Kerry clearly does not like the paparazzi…

WARNING: Unattended cameras may capture excellent blackmail material!

And look…even tourists love Brown Dog! 🙂

After we finished our drinks, we mounted up and headed back to Colorado Springs with the first ride successfully on the board. It was a great day!

That’s all for now, but more stories and a cool video are coming soon…ride safe!


BFR Group Ride to Salida – Part 1

On Saturday, May 12 I headed over to Salida, Colorado, Colorado with my friends in the Black Forest Riders group! We finished up the 2017 riding season by heading to Salida in the fall, so it was interesting to start the 2018 Group Rides by heading back to this great little mountain town at the beginning of summer.

The first ride of the season always carries a lot of excitement as some of us haven’t seen each other in months!

Jenny explained to Carol the size of the fish she caught last weekend – but Kerry quickly downsized that estimate. Scott wasn’t impressed either way…

We had a nice assortment of bikes for this ride…but the Ducati was clearly out of the herd

Kerry showed Scott the new bike he’s planning on buying

Ken and Scott take one, last, deep breath of MckyD’s air before saddling up

It turns out that MckyD’s doesn’t smell so good!

Thanks to Scott, I always end up with a picture of some random tourist…

Ducati’s in the mirror may be cooler than what they appear

It was so sunny and bright out…or it might have just been Scott’s pants!

Jenny has perfected the Royal Goldwing Wave!

A quick butt break in Canon City meant we were ready to ride through the Bighorn Sheep Canyon and on to Salida!

Hmmm, any guesses what the “S” stands for?

Yup – it stands for “Star”! 🙂 By the way, the view from that tower is pretty amazing. I took my wife and kids up there last year and you get an incredible view in all directions!

There are people biking everywhere all throughout this entire area, and I can see why!

Salida is such a neat little town

What a perfect spot to have lunch!

Time for food!

More to come soon in Part 2!


St. Patty’s Day Ride – Golden, Colorado

On Saturday, March 24, my brother-in-law Doug and I decided we were desperately in need of a mini-adventure. So, we gassed up our loyal companions and hit the road heading north!

We started off the morning with temperatures in the high 30F range, but it rapidly rose up to low 50F by the time we made it to Golden, Colorado.

Golden 002

Being connoisseurs of international cuisine, we chose Ali Baba’s Grill, a Lebanese restaurant. We made great time heading up Hwy 105 and arrived about 15 minutes before the restaurant opened. Once inside, we were initially the only ones there, so we enjoyed talking with one of the staff members.

Golden 005

We both thoroughly enjoyed our food, and then the staff member gave us complimentary baklava! It was all SO good, and really, the picture doesn’t do this thing justice…that sandwich was huge! To make a great meal even better, Doug secretly paid for lunch – thanks Doug!

Golden 004

With our bellies full, it was time for a nap. Only we had some sights to see! The temperature had risen to the upper 50’s and our road was visible from the parking lot…

Golden 003

We detoured through downtown Golden, not seeing too many leprechauns, and then headed west, up Lookout Mountain. The views were amazing!

Golden 006

Doug’s in the mirror may be closer than they appear

Golden 007Golden 008

There were a lot of bicyclists on the road, but it wasn’t too busy with vehicle traffic

Golden 009

The view looking down the road, towards the north – you can barely see the windmills that you pass on the way to Boulder when headed up CO93

Golden 010Golden 011

Time for a glamour shot of Stallion!

Golden 012

And a glamour shot of Doug! 😀

Golden 013

This one’s a little cooler

Golden 019

The views from this pullout were truly amazing!

Golden 015Golden 018Golden 017

Check out the Denver skyline, and Colfax Ave. stretching out to the horizon!

Golden 014Golden 016

We headed further up the road to the top of the mountain and got one more amazing view looking north

Golden 021Golden 022

And then a spectacular view looking west!

Golden 020Golden 023

From there we got back on the bikes and headed southwest to Evergreen, then west on CO74 to Morrison.

Golden 001

I don’t have any pictures of the final leg of the ride, but although the wind picked up quite a bit, we still enjoyed an awesome ride home on CO105.

It was a great day to get on the bikes and enjoy a little mountain therapy together. Doug, the next lunch is on me!