Ride to Salida (Video)

A few weeks ago our Black Forest Riders group enjoyed the last organized ride of the season down to Salida, Colorado – here are the video highlights!

A post with pictures and more about the trip is coming soon!



Group Ride – Bishop Castle – Part 2

After getting our bikes parked, we set off up the hill to explore. One in our group had not been before – it’s always fun to watch newcomers’ amazement and listen to their expressions:

“This is amazing!” “He built this?!” “I can’t believe I haven’t come before!” “IS IT SAFE?!” 🙂

Mr. Bishop is always very quiet about his personal opinions…

And on this day, my third time at the Castle, Mr. Bishop was here! Rick & Ed said hello….

Safety is a relative term when visiting anywhere on the property…but enough talk, let’s go on up!

The stained glass and metal work is pretty amazing

The guys take bets on load bearing ratios, and other engineering factors!

Rick and I decided to venture up higher…

Meanwhile, Ed made it safely back to Terra firma

Speaking of earth, this guy almost took a backflip off the tower back towards the dirt when he didn’t account for the gusty wind!

It was such a beautiful day!

Right about this time, I heard a loud crash and the sound of glass shattering…I quickly headed down! Everything seemed to be fine (I had just came from the top of the far left tower…)

But then as we walked back to the bikes, I spotted the issue….notice anything missing above?

Several window panes had fallen out and shattered! That would have caused some issues if anyone had been under there! Here is some of the glass….

Our sense of adventure satisfied, we headed out for a new adventure – DINNER! We rode a few miles down the hill and stopped at this restaurant…

Lots of odds and ends on the wall, and they even serve iced tea in a mason jar – bonus points! I ordered a smothered green chili breakfast burrito and it was pretty good.

With our bellies full, we walked over to the lake and enjoyed the spectacular view of Lake Isabel!

What more can I say – a beautiful fall day, a group of friends, a modern day castle, good food, and safe travels, and back home to family…….that’s the good life!

Ride safe!


Group Ride – Bishop Castle – Part 1

This post is way late as life seems to keep interfering with fun!

On Sunday, October 1 I had the opportunity to lead a group of church friends down to the infamous Bishop Castle. If you have not visited yet, I highly recommend it…you probably won’t see this many building code violations in one spot in any other building in America!

But first, we headed out from Black Forest and down to Penrose….

The first stop was at the Col. Leo Sidney Boston War Memorial Park – a very neat memorial to veterans who have served throughout many different wars

Look carefully at this picture – the shine in the words come from pennies – and each one represents a life lost in the Vietnam war

It’s a very humbling sight to see…

A little information about Col. Boston

My Dad was a Crew Chief on the F4 Phantom’s!

So many names…so many lives impacted

While we were at the park, some skydivers came down at the airport behind us

Rick’s bike sure looked shiny in the sun!

After 20-30 mins of exploring the Memorial, we mounted our bikes and headed up to the castle! Parking was at a premium on this beautiful fall day!

Well look at that – TWO V-Stroms on one ride! Oh yes, and a Harley and a Victory 🙂

After navigating the freshly laid gravel, we parked our noble steeds and headed off to explore the castle. However, we didn’t know that today would be the day that something at the castle would break….

(Part 2 coming soon…)


BFR Group Ride – Aspen – Part 2

After enjoying some spectacular scenery around Twin Lakes, we mounted our bikes and headed up the mountain to Independence Pass!

It’s rare that we get a full group picture, but a stranger was nice enough to take one for us!

Jack was nice enough to take this picture for me – I finally conquered the Aspen ride!

Stallion wanted in on the action too….I guess he deserved a little credit for getting me up here 🙂

After that I spent about 10 minutes exploring the top of the pass and got some great images!

Click on this image to see the full pano!

Our stomach’s were talking to us, so it was time to gear up and head down to Aspen

The temperature quickly went from freezing on the summit to sweltering (in riding gear) in the valley – I’m glad we were stopping soon so that I could peel off some layers!

Lunch was at the Hickory House

I think everyone was definitely ready for food! I ended up with the beef brisket and it wasn’t bad.

This stained glass was beautiful – very unusual for a BBQ joint!

With our bellies full, it was time for a nap! But, no time for that…we still had a lot of miles to cover to get back home before dark!

So this isn’t a great picture, but it’s all I could grab of the town mascot. For future travelers to Twin Lakes, the town parks this car at various places around the main street, then staffs it with a mannequin! Very clever (and it has the desired slowing effect too)! 🙂

I definitely need to come back here and explore!

We stopped in Buena Vista for a butt break – I stretched out on the ground near the bike and almost took a quick nap!

Saw this little corporate jet coming in to the BV airport while we were relaxing..

And soon we were back on our bikes, riding to Woodland Park for one last stop, and then on to home!

It was a beautiful day and I’m glad to say I FINALLY made it on this beautiful ride!

I’ve got two more ride reports coming soon – stay tuned!