Reviews of Accessories & Gear

Below are links to my reviews of the gear that I own. None of these reviews are sponsored or compensated in any way!


Auxiliary Lights

REASON FOR PURCHASE: Safety & Visibility I am a firm believer in making yourself as visible as you possibly can while riding a motorcycle. That’s why I wear a high viz jacket and helmet, and that’s also why I purchased this set of Auxiliary lights! It provides a great “light triangle)” to provide increased visibility. … Continue reading Auxiliary Lights

Cramp Buster

REASON FOR PURCHASE: Comfort I had a Throttle Rocker on the BumbleBee and didn’t have good luck with it. In fact, two of them broke in 6 months. Since using this Cramp Buster, I’ve gone over 6,000 miles and it still works great! You should be able to pick them up from your local motorcycle … Continue reading Cramp Buster

Engine Guards

REASON FOR PURCHASE: Rider and Bike Protection I have owned three motorcycles (two of them V-Stroms) and have always felt the need to install engine guards on each one. The only time that I have ever “used” them was when I dropped my ’03 V-Strom in a parking lot. Instead of a bunch of cracked … Continue reading Engine Guards

Fender Extender

REASON FOR PURCHASE: Protection There was an extender on my old V-Strom which seemed to work well, so I thought I would dress up Stallion a little bit by adding one. COMPANY EXPERIENCE: Great I purchased my Maier Front Fender Extender from Revzilla. As always, they are great to work with and ship quickly. I … Continue reading Fender Extender

Fork Brace

REASON FOR PURCHASE: Control in Wind/ Stability My first ride on the BumbleBee introduced me to the affects of wind. Lots of it. It was gusting over 45mph on the day I rode it home from the dealership. There were times that I was leaning the bike so much (on the Interstate) that I felt … Continue reading Fork Brace

GPS Mount

REASON FOR PURCHASE: Navigation I had a Garmin LM50 laying around the house and decided it would be much more useful if I put it on Stallion. However, I needed a way to keep the water away from it, and a way to mount it. This kit from Amazon looked like it would do the … Continue reading GPS Mount

Headlight Guards

REASON FOR PURCHASE: Headlight Protection I installed some of these on my old V-Strom after realizing that headlight units are expensive to replace if they crack. Years earlier, two rocks had cracked my Dad’s R1100RT headlight guard (but spared his headlights), so I was convinced that guards were a great idea. COMPANY EXPERIENCE: Great There … Continue reading Headlight Guards

Heated Grips

REASON FOR PURCHASE: Comfort I purchased and installed the Oxford Heaterz Sports Heated Grips as they were the same ones I used on the BumbleBee and worked great. Oxford changed the model a little bit to include a 5 stage controller (previously it was 4) and a battery saving mode. I’ll admit that I was … Continue reading Heated Grips


REASON FOR PURCHASE: Visibility / Safety As mentioned elsewhere on this site, I am big on visibility and safety upgrades. I really wanted something that would catch a driver’s attention when I was slowing down, and these Hyper-lites were a great choice. COMPANY EXPERIENCE: Great Ordering through the website was simple, even if a little … Continue reading Hyper-Lites

Mirror Extenders

REASON FOR PURCHASE: Better Visibility & Safety I had seen Rick’s Mirror Extenders on the ADVRider forum and thought they were a pretty neat idea. I had read that they help reduce wind turbulence and also provide better visibility. I can happily attest that both of these are true! COMPANY EXPERIENCE: Great Rick and his … Continue reading Mirror Extenders

My Riding Gear

VISOR Hands down, one of the best riding accessories I have bought is a tinted visor for my Scorpion R-710 helmet. This thing is AMAZING and worth every penny. If mine broke today, I would immediately buy another one. It is THAT good. I was really worried it would be too dark in many cases, … Continue reading My Riding Gear

Tank Bag

REASON FOR PURCHASE: Convenience/Storage I enjoy having a tank bag as a convenient place to store my wallet, phone, snacks, camera, and other small accessories when riding. I used the Cortech 8L magnetic bag on the BumbleBee, but this time I went for the 18L bag and have no regrets at all! INSTALLATION: Easy Simple … Continue reading Tank Bag


REASON FOR PURCHASE: Fun / Safety My current 80+ mile per day commute involves 9 miles of dirt and gravel (we live out in the country). Additionally, I enjoy taking the occasional dirt road just to see where it goes! I thought a tire like this would be a great choice, and all of the … Continue reading Tires

Top Case

REASON FOR PURCHASE: Extra Storage / Better Visibility (Built In Running and Brake Lights) I enjoy having plenty of storage on my bike. Currently. I commute 84 miles a day back and forth to work, so my side cases fill up with lunch, water bottle, change of shoes, rain gear, and other odds and ends … Continue reading Top Case


REASON FOR PURCHASE: Better wind protection and comfort In between the BumbleBee and Stallion, I have tried the MRA 17″ Touring windshield, the 24″ Cee Bailey, and now this adjustable MadStad. My favorite, by far, is this MadStad that came with Stallion when I bought him. MY THOUGHTS: I am 5’10” and the wind goes … Continue reading Windshield