Auxiliary Lights

REASON FOR PURCHASE: Safety & Visibility
I am a firm believer in making yourself as visible as you possibly can while riding a motorcycle. That’s why I wear a high viz jacket and helmet, and that’s also why I purchased this set of Auxiliary lights! It provides a great “light triangle)” to provide increased visibility.

I installed the MondoMotos MM10 lights on the BumbleBee and loved them so much that I didn’t even think twice about ordering them again…this time for Stallion. MondoMotos was super easy to work with, and ships fast!

Installation was moderately challenging for me. The instructions from MondoMotos are great and the entire system is pretty much plug and play. The complications came from actually routing the wires and fitting my hands into some very tight spaces. It took about two hours to get it installed the way I wanted it, to include the handlebar switch that I also ordered from them. It would have been quicker if someone else was feeding me the cords..lesson learned.

I highly recommend riding with auxiliary lights! They provide great visibility for me at night, and great visibility OF me at any time of day as they are plenty bright! It’s a great safety purchase for about $125!


The right “hazard” switch is what I purchased with the lights. Simple and easy to use with gloves!

aux-lights-003 aux-lights-004 aux-lights-005 aux-lights-006 aux-lights-007



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