Engine Guards

REASON FOR PURCHASE: Rider and Bike Protection
I have owned three motorcycles (two of them V-Stroms) and have always felt the need to install engine guards on each one. The only time that I have ever “used” them was when I dropped my ’03 V-Strom in a parking lot. Instead of a bunch of cracked Tupperware that would cost an arm and a leg to replace, I didn’t even end up with a scratch on my guards. It’s  money well spent in my opinion!

I ordered the Givi TN532 guards from Revzilla for $162.90 (free shipping). As always, ordering from Revzilla is painless and a great experience.

Installation was moderately challenging for me. The instructions from Givi are pretty much worthless, so I checked out a couple of similar installations I found on YouTube. The hardest part was getting the fit just right on the center support where the two halves meet. Additionally, the bolts seemed to sit a little off, making getting them tight enough a bit of a pain. In the end, it wasn’t rocket science, but it did take longer than I thought, and with a few hiccups.

While I sure hope I never drop my bike again, or go down, I would rather have a little protection for the both of us just in case that does happen. I think it’s absolutely worth it to purchase these guards, and would recommend them to others in a heartbeat.

Farkles Engine Guards-01 Farkles Engine Guards-02Farkles Engine Guards-03 Farkles Engine Guards-04Strom-01Strom Sidebar-01


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