Fork Brace

REASON FOR PURCHASE: Control in Wind/ Stability
My first ride on the BumbleBee introduced me to the affects of wind. Lots of it. It was gusting over 45mph on the day I rode it home from the dealership. There were times that I was leaning the bike so much (on the Interstate) that I felt a little uncomfortable. I found Rick’s Fork Brace on the ADVRider forum and started my research. Many reviews stated that the different was night and day – and after using one for thousands of miles on the BumbleBee and now Stallion – I AGREE!

Gloria kept me up to date with my order status, and everything arrived well packaged and came with instructions.

Installation was simple, but it definitely helped me to have a second set of hands. There are no tricks or extra tips from me on this one – I simply followed Rick’s included instructions. It took a little wiggling to get the brace just right, but it wasn’t difficult at all. Within 10 minutes we were done!

At first I was leery about purchasing “a piece of metal” for $85. In fact, this was probably the farkle that I debated most about. Should I or shouldn’t I? Living in Colorado I can tell you that we get wind…lots of it. The difference between before and after riding with this brace is night and day! The stability and handling is GREATLY improved and I can’t imagine riding my Strom without one now. Like Rick says on his website, it’s a no brainer. Highly recommended!

brace-001 brace-002


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