Headlight Guards

REASON FOR PURCHASE: Headlight Protection
I installed some of these on my old V-Strom after realizing that headlight units are expensive to replace if they crack. Years earlier, two rocks had cracked my Dad’s R1100RT headlight guard (but spared his headlights), so I was convinced that guards were a great idea.

There are several companies who make headlight guards. I have only personally seen the Ventura and Cee Bailey versions, and my opinion is that the Cee Bailey headlight guards were much thicker and better constructed. I ordered the guards for around $45, and they arrived well packaged and with instructions.

Installation was easy! I cleaned the entire headlight area with soap and water, then used the included alcohol wipes to further clean everything up. Then, I applied the adhesive pads to the lights, and to the back of the guard, lined them up, and pressed! I used four pads for each side and they have not budged an inch after a few thousand miles!

I live in Colorado where road grit and rocks are very common, and I do go off-road with Stallion as well. I believe these guards will save my headlights from damage or replacement, and to me, that is worth their very reasonable price!

Farkles Headlight Covers-01

Farkles Headlight Covers-02

Farkles Headlight Covers-03

Farkles Headlight Covers-04

Farkles Headlight Covers-05 Farkles Headlight Covers-06

Farkles Headlight Covers-07

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