Heated Grips

I purchased and installed the Oxford Heaterz Sports Heated Grips as they were the same ones I used on the BumbleBee and worked great. Oxford changed the model a little bit to include a 5 stage controller (previously it was 4) and a battery saving mode. I’ll admit that I was a little leery of buying these at first as I wasn’t sure about the quality, but they really have been fantastic.

Installation was a real pain in the neck. It involved removing the original handlebar grips (which were caked on) and then using a power grinder to get the new grips to fit correctly. That took a lot of trial and error, and was tedious. The electronic system itself is all plug and play so the only challenge there was routing the cords (which was awkward for my hand size). I also installed foam puppies over the heated grips and found that helps with comfort even more!

These are GREAT! The 40 and 50 settings are usually more than enough to keep my hands plenty warm when riding. I did briefly go all the way up to 100% when riding through freezing fog in Wyoming and northern Colorado, but I had to back it down to 75% pretty quickly . I would definitely recommend these grips as a nice add on for any motorcycle. Having warm hands can make you considerably more comfortable on those chilly rides!

heated-grips-001 heated-grips-002 heated-grips-003 heated-grips-004 heated-grips-005

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