REASON FOR PURCHASE: Visibility / Safety
As mentioned elsewhere on this site, I am big on visibility and safety upgrades. I really wanted something that would catch a driver’s attention when I was slowing down, and these Hyper-lites were a great choice.

Ordering through the website was simple, even if a little confusing at first given the variety of options. I purchased “The U32 Kit” which had two units of 16 LED’s each. They were around $75 for the kit.

Installation was moderate only because I am not a very mechanically minded person. Most every other installation review I read talked about how easy it was! When I had the BumbleBee, I purchased the License Plate Bracket for another $10 or so and that made mounting the lights a breeze. When ordering for Stallion, I forgot to do that. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra $10 for the bracket…it’s worth it.

I have seen a noticeable difference in how cars behind me react when applying brakes, with and without Hyper-lites! Most of them really do back off and give me plenty of room. If it helps me avoid getting rear-ended, then they are totally worth it.

hyperlites-001 hyperlites-002 hyperlites-003


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