Mirror Extenders

REASON FOR PURCHASE: Better Visibility & Safety
I had seen Rick’s Mirror Extenders on the ADVRider forum and thought they were a pretty neat idea. I had read that they help reduce wind turbulence and also provide better visibility. I can happily attest that both of these are true!

Rick and his wife Gloria make a great team! She kept me up to date with two emails while Rick was making more extenders. There was a little delay in the actual shipping of the package (which she informed me about), but the time frame was still very reasonable. The extenders cost about $29 plus shipping, and comes with instructions.

Installation was simple and quick! Just remove the existing mirror bolt and arm, then install the extender on the same post. Tighten them down a little, then reinstall the mirror on the extender. Before fully tightening the bolts, I would highly recommend putting your bike on a center stand if you have one. Once seated on the bike, move the extender and mirror to make sure you have full clearance on handlebar controls, and good visibility.

I have experience less wind turbulence off of my mirrors, and the difference in visibility is night and day! Instead of staring at my shoulders, I now have full visibility of the road and traffic behind me. Not only is this convenient, it is a huge safety upgrade as well. These are very affordable and highly recommended!

mirrors-001 mirrors-002 mirrors-003 mirrors-004 mirrors-005

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