Tank Bag

REASON FOR PURCHASE: Convenience/Storage
I enjoy having a tank bag as a convenient place to store my wallet, phone, snacks, camera, and other small accessories when riding. I used the Cortech 8L magnetic bag on the BumbleBee, but this time I went for the 18L bag and have no regrets at all!

Simple – put it on!

I have had multiple people tell me that they are skeptical about magnets holding the Cortech bags on, especially when loaded with stuff. Additionally, we do get some vicious winds here in Colorado!

I am happy to tell you that I’ve now ridden almost 10,000 miles in between the 8L and 18L bags and they have performed flawlessly, even in rainstorms, wind, and snow! I absolutely LOVE that the 18L converts into a backpack (using attached, hidden straps) and I have that feature multiple times when running to the store, or even for overnight trips when I want to take some things with me walking around town. The bag comes with a stowaway rain cover that is easy to put on and has worked perfectly in multiple, heavy rains.  Highly recommended!

tank-bag-001 tank-bag-002 tank-bag-003 tank-bag-004

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