Top Case

REASON FOR PURCHASE: Extra Storage / Better Visibility (Built In Running and Brake Lights)
I enjoy having plenty of storage on my bike. Currently. I commute 84 miles a day back and forth to work, so my side cases fill up with lunch, water bottle, change of shoes, rain gear, and other odds and ends that end up coming with me. A top case stores my backpack with laptop and work supplies. I would rather have more than enough storage, than not enough!

I purchased the Bestem 929 from their Amazon storefront as it offered Prime shipping. They have upgraded the 929 since I purchased one for the BumbleBee as previously there was only one LED strip. Now there are two strips, and the main one has a double set of LED’s that light up when the brake is activated.

Getting the case lined up correctly and securely fasted took a little bit of wiggling around and patience. There was probably an easier way to install it, but it was trial and error for me. Getting the lights tied in to the brake lights was also a little challenging for me (as I am not very mechanically minded), but posi-tap connectors helped simplify things. Overall it wasn’t bad or too challenging to install it…I think it took about an hour and a half to do everything, including the wiring.

I enjoy the extra storage on my bike, and REALLY appreciate that this case is so well lit. Bestem offers a fantastic product at a very reasonable price! They also offer a liner for inside the case, and I happily purchased and installed one of those as well. Highly recommended!


top-case-001 top-case-002 top-case-003

top-case-005 top-case-006


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